SCM & MFSW 2020
The 4th International Conference on Sustainable Construction Materials 
& The 3rd International Metallurgical and Fossil Solid Waste Symposium
Inner Mongolia, China, 4-7 August, 2020
Sponsored by
Institute of Technical Information for Building Materials Industry 
Wuhan University of Technology 
Norwegian University of Science and Technology 
The University of Alabama
Organized by
Construction Materials Industry Solid Waste Utilization Engineering Technology Center 
State Key Laboratory of Silicate Materials for Architectures
Asian Coal Ash Association
     Building an ecological civilization system and promoting green development in an all-round way have been an important strategic policy at the present stage in China. Building materials industry is the pillar industry of national economy. Development of building materials from traditional high energy consumption and heavy pollution to sustainable direction with high performance, functionalization and environment-friendly character have been an inevitable trend. The concept of sustainable building materials should be in accordance with the overall layout of material research and development, production, application and management to realize green, low carbon and resource recycling, and grasp the new opportunities of green development. 
     Metallurgical and fossil solid waste is one of the most important industrial solid waste in China. It emits about Billions of tons annually. However, the comprehensive utilization rate is less than 30% and the lack of large-scale application have always been a great challenge for its resource utilization. With the national pilot project of "non-waste city", the reduction of solid waste and the utilization of resources have been promoted to the strategic level of national construction. Promoting reduction and resource utilization of metallurgical solid waste and tailings can not only solve the problems of scientific disposal and environmental pollution, but also open up an effective way for the development and utilization of sustainable building materials. 
  To learn from the advanced technologies and concepts for the utilization of metallurgical and fossil solid wastes, promote international cooperation, strengthen horizontal cooperation among relevant scientific research institutions, The 4th International Conference on Sustainable Construction Materials & The 3rd International Metallurgical and Fossil Solid Waste Symposium (SCM & MFSW 2020) , sponsored by Institute of Technical Information for Building Materials Industry (ITIBMI), Wuhan University of Technology (WUT), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and The University of Alabama (UA), will be held in Inner Mongolia, during August 4-7, 2020. The 2020 conference will give opportunity for technical exchange, project cooperation and academic exploration, to follow up the latest sustainable building materials developments and further improve the technology level of metallurgical and fossil solid waste resource utilization in China.
Main topics
1. Sustainable infrastructure and building materials 
   a. Environmental impact of sustainable building materials 
   b. Infrastructure digitalization 
   c. Pavement engineering materials 
   d. Asphalt based materials 
   e. Cement based materials 
   f. Long-term performance control of concrete in alpine and saline-alkaline area
2. Metallurgical and fossil solid waste treatment and utilization 
   a. Steel slag treatment and utilization 
   b. Ferroalloy slag (nickel iron slag, ferromanganese slag, ferrochrome slag) treatment and utilization 
   c. Vanadium-titanium bearing slag and blast furnace slag treatment and utilization 
   d. Metallurgical dust treatment and utilization 
   e. Electrolytic manganese slag treatment and utilization 
   f. Red mud treatment and utilization 
   g. Copper slag treatment and utilization 
   h.  Metal tailings (iron tailings, copper tailings, gold tailings, lead-zinc tailings) treatment and utilization 
   i. Coal-based solid waste (coal gangue,fly ash,slag,desulfurization gypsum,furnace bottom slag,coal gasification ash and coal-series treatment and utilization.
3. Other relevant contents.
Scientific committee
Chairman: Shui Zhonghe, Professor, Wuhan University of Technology, China 
Co-chairman: Serji Amirkhanian, Professor, The University of Alabama, USA 
                       Chen Bin, Professor, Beijing Normal University, China 
                       Xu Luoyi, Director, Institute of Technical Information for Building Materials                                                        Industry, China
                        Zhang guang, Chief Engineer, Inner Mongolia senior highway Co.Ltd, China
Organizing committee
Chairman: Wu Shaopeng, Professor, Wuhan University of Technology 
                  Wu Xiaohuan, Associate Director, Institute of Technical Information for                                                                                        Building Materials Industry, China 
Secretariat: Liao Shucong,Institute of Technical Information for Building Materials                                                         Industry, China 
                   Xie Jun, Wuhan University of Technology, China 
                   Liu quantao, Wuhan University of Technology, China 
                   Gao Xu, Wuhan University of Technology, China 
                   Li Na, Wuhan University of Technology, China
Call for papers
    Technical papers to be presented at the conference and to be included in the proceedings are solicited. All contributions delivered to the conference should be presented in English. The abstracts and subsequent full papers submitted to the conference will be peer reviewed by the Scientific Committee, and qualified papers will be included in the conference proceedings. The proceedings will be published by an authorized international publisher. Selected papers will be recommended for publication to the following Journals: 
a. Journal of cleaner production (SCI) 
b. Bulletin of the Chinese Ceramic Society(Chinese Core Journals)
Abstract submission deadline: April 7, 2020 Deadline for submission of full text: June 15, 2020 Full employment notice date: August 15, 2020 Publication time: about November 2020
Registration & Fee
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Conference registration: $ US 600
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